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Token Distribution

Betley is a premier blockchain powered peer-to-peer betting platform. Betley’s ICO will take place in two major steps which are the presale which begins 1 June 2018 at 10am AEST and the public ICO, as described below.

We will generate 1,000,000,000 tokens and of those, 650,000,000 will be available in the presale and the other 350,000,000 in the public sale. Of the 650,00,000 tokens, a percentage will be allocated to team, advisers, platform and bounty. Check the Presale section below for details.

IMPORTANT: After the sale ends all unsold tokens will be burned. No new tokens will be generated.

1 ETH = 10,000 tokens
Minimum 0.1 ETH
Maximum 100 ETH per transaction
1 June 2018 – 1 August 2018
10:00am AEST (12:00am GMT)
Week 1 & 2: +50%
Week 3 & 4: +30%
Week 5 & 6: +10%
Week 7+: +5%
About Us
Welcome to Betley
You’ve heard those tales about a few mates coming up with a genius idea at the pub one night, only to forget all the details the next day and write it off into the “too hard” basket. Well, that’s not us. We’re three mates who got together at the pub one day, came up with a genius idea and have been working our butts off to see it to fruition since. We’ve gone from a simple app that allows the user to log bets against their mates, to a sophisticated peer-to-peer platform, leveraging blockchain technology to create bets not against the house, but against other members, on anything from the weather to the next Melbourne Cup winner.
We are also building an artificial intelligence (AI) system that trawls the internet to suggest possible bets, driving our database of potential betting templates. We will also link to a number of popular sporting API’s to gather results on every possible sport. Our platform will automatically set up these bets so it’s simple for you to join and share existing bets with your mates.
Register on our platform and browse betting templates
Start a bet with your mates or join the community
Sit back and wait for your winnings, it’s that simple
Our Tokens
What are Betley tokens, BETS?
We are excited to introduce the Betley token, BETS. BETS are an ERC20 utility token that powers the Betley network. Having BETS will give members access to a unique betting platform with exclusive offers and events plus increasing the chance of our members winning bigger returns on bets placed. Check out our whitepaper for full details on BETS.
Decentralised Network

The Betley network runs off the Ethereum blockchain making our betting platform the first betting platform in the world to leverage this innovative technology.


The power behind blockchain technology is the ability to perform pre-programmed actions anonymously keeping your identity secured.


Betley is powered by blockchain yet it is driven by the community. Our unique platform ensures winners are other members of the platform.

Integrated Exchange

One of our brilliant ideas, build an exchange directly into the platform making it easier for members to buy, sell and trade their BETS tokens.

Why should you choose us?

Using blockchain is cryptographically secure – the ledger is distributed across all nodes on the network making it near impossible to lose your money.


No single authority has control, the network cannot be distorded or manipulated. Just like the design of blockchain, the community is in control.

Cost Effective

Transacting using cryptocurrency cost next to nothing and instant meaning you have more of your money to bet with.

Industry Size (USD)
Betting Users
Token sale term
$1,000,000 AUD
$10,000,000 AUD
1 ETH = 10,000 BETS
Min Purchase:
0.1 ETH / 1,000 BETS
1 June 2018 (12:00 am GMT)
1 Aug 2018 (12:00 am GMT)

Check out our Smart Contract source code on Github

Token Distribution
  • 10% Team
  • 8.5% Advisers
  • 20% Platform
  • 1.5% Bounty
  • 60% Presale
Proceed Distribution
  • 35% Marketing
  • 30% Development
  • 20% Partnerships
  • 15% Legal/Compliance
1 BETS token price
0.0001 ETH
Target ICO Participants
Our Strategic Plan
2015 Q1
Concept formulated and wire frames developed (click to view wireframes)
2015 Q4
Beta prototype app released in App Store and Google Play (no longer active)
2018 Q1
New core team assembled
Tech team assembled
2018 Q2
Version 1 of white paper is released
ICO & marketing website launched
Public announcement of ICO on multiple platforms
ICO presale begins
2018 Q3
ICO presale ends
Public crowdsale begins
Public crowdsale ends
2018 Q4
Platform development begins
2019 Q1
Strategic partnerships developed
2019 Q3
Beta platform launched
Scaling up users and community events
Engaging with additional bookies to include BETS as a form of payment
2019 Q4
iOS, Android and Windows platforms completed and launched
Global release complete
Our Team
Meet the Betley Team
David Holman
Co-founder, Non-Executive Adviser
Kere Puki
Co-founder, CEO
Laze Spasevski
Co-founder, COO
Clare Puki
Sue Chen
Haley Chartres
Public Relations
Penni Nicholls
Business Development
Brendan Main
Solutions Architect
Chris Assaf
Crypto Adviser
Graham Sanders
Experience Adviser
Partners & Integrations
We’ve selected the best suppliers to build our platform.
Presale starting soon. Get 50% bonus tokens for the first week.
What they are saying about Betley
Kere Puki
Co-founder, CIO

The entire team here believe in Betley. We have spent uncountable hours invested into making a dream a reality. We have all financially invested in the development to date and need help to get it to the next stage. Thank you for considering investing in Betley.

Ryan Hamdorf

The concept of social betting has always fascinated me so I can’t wait until the release of this platform.

Bree Dickson
Raine & Horne, Essendon
Director & Property Manager

What an absolutely brilliant idea. Stick it to the bookies.